untitledThe most widely used SAP BW version nowadays is BW 7.3 or 7.31 on any DB, and it’s end of support would be Dec-2020.  My customer, with all their report development based in BW, is well aware of this, and is looking closely into the SAP BW roadmap.

Current SAP BW Customer on any other DB, should upgrade to one of the following BW version.  All of them are based on HANA.

SAP BW Powered by HANA  Based on Netweaver 7.5, and use HANA as the primary database platform, and end of maintenance extends to Dec-2025.  Customer should pay extra license fee for the right to use HANA.

SAP BW edition for HANA    On top of SAP BW powered by HANA,  with add-on applied specifically for HANA new functions.

SAP BW/4 HANA   Released in Nov-2016, it is the latest BW version with completely new functionalities and user interface.

At this point in time, we recommend customers to go for the 2nd option: SAP BW edition for HANA.  This version bring completely new functionalities and solve most of the headaches on current BW version:

  • Different tools in the existing version, such as Query Designer, administration tool (RSA1) will be replaced by new Eclipse based development tool, avoiding to switch tools back and forth in the development process.
  • Aggregates are no longer needed in the HANA based version.
  • Different types of InfoProviders would be converted into simpler structure, e.g. PSA would no longer exist, it would be replaced by the new advanced DSO (aDSO)

For more details, please refer to the following article:  BW 4 HANA Part 1


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