Customer currently run a BO report with 2 tab: Tab 1 summarizes operations figure by Division and tab 2 summarizes figures by Departments.

Customer wants to auto forward the reports to all responsible departments, with each department only receive their own data.

The configuration involves 2 parts, Part 1 configure Email List to be read by the Publication and Part 2: Configure Publication Part 1 would be described here.


Prepare excel worksheet with 2 tabs, displaying email address of Division and Departments respectively.  Each tab contains 3 mandatory fields needed for creating the publication:  Division/Department, user name, and email address


For subsequent update of the excel content,  use the replace function below:


Create a Webi Report to read the excel file. The report would be read by the subsequent Publication.


The ‘Refresh on Open’ option must be set on, so that any updated excel content would be automatically refresh and shown in the Webi Report.

Now the Excel webi report is ready.  In Part 2, the steps to configure the publication would be described.








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