In last blog, the steps to prepare the email source report has been discussed.  In this blog, we would discuss the steps to create the publication:

Login to BO Launchpad and create a new Publication, then configure the properties according to following:


In Source Documents, specify the reports to be published:


In Dynamic Recipients, the excel report created in Part 1 would be specified, so that the recipient email address of each division/department would be made know to the publication:


In Personalization,  the key field in the distributed report , i.e. Division/Department, would be mapped to the Dynamic recipient.  With this settings, only the relevant content would be forward to the assigned recipient email address


In Formats, one or  more of the 4 formats (Web Intelligence/Microsoft Excel/Acrobat, mHTML) could be specified:


In Destinations, 5 types of destination of reports could be specified. The following picture shows the configuration of the Email settings:


The above are all essential settings of the publication.

After the publication settings are saved, user can schedule the publication accordingly:


Your publication is ready and each departmental users should receive their own copy of reports!


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