sample1Customer question: Should I subscribe the latest SAP Business Objects cloud to supplement my current BI Enterprise platform?  Is it a cloud version of the existing on-premise Business Objects Platform?


SAP BO Cloud is an entirely different product to existing SAP BO Platform. It does not have a launchpad, and it is not a repository to store different Webi, Crystal reports, or Dashboard.

The BO cloud tool is aiming high and try to consolidate all SAP BI Capabilities in one platform.  In one platform, user can create Dashboard and reports and access Cloud/On-premise data of their choice, including SAP legacy data such as SAP BW and HANA.   No front-end developer tool such as Design Studio is required to be installed in developer’s computer.

The BO cloud tool is no where near the end-user BI tool such as Tableau or Power BI, so it is not targeted to be used by end users without technical knowledge. Developer need to create data model which contains dimensions and measures, although it is automatic with source data provided.   It sounds familiar for a SAP BW guy, but not what an end user would understand.

create-modelAfter reading the source data (from file and available data source),  dimensions and measures will be automatically created.


After the model created, developer could create one or more STORY (A Lumira Term), which would be a combinations of Dashboard, data tables, etc.   An advanced user should be able to do it himself.   See below the sample provided by BO Cloud:

BO Cloud is available for Trial run of 30 days.  it is on a subscription basis, with a price of USD21/month/user.

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