ABAP Eclipse editor

ABAP Eclipse Editor: Mandatory or Optional?

Is it true that I must use the new ABAP Eclipse Editor to develop my ABAP programs in an HANA environment? The answer is no. SE80 SAPGUI ABAP Development workbench if fully supported in all ABAP based HANA System, like SAP on HANA, BW on HANA, S/4 HANA, etc.

The ABAP Eclipse Editor is only needed if ABAP new features are to be used.

CDS view is used to define DDL and DML to effectively read and process data from HANA.  ABAP Eclipse editor must be used to define CDS view.  After definition, the program that read the CDS view could be developed using either SAPGUI or Eclipse.

HANA Stored procedure is another way to encapsulate complex logic, so that it could be executed directly in the HANA based memory.  Development of HANA SP must be done in Eclipse in 2 ways.  The first method is to use the mechanism ABAP managed database procedure (AMDP) to wrap a so-called Marker interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB.  The whole development work would need to be done in Eclipse.  The 2nd one is to develop the Stored procedure in Eclipse first, and then create a database procedure proxies using the Eclipse editor.

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