FAQ: Advanced DSOs

While helping my customer to switch to latest BW version, we have come across Advanced DSO (aDSO), the new Infoprovider type introduced by SAP in BW 7.4 on HANA. This blog summarizes the FAQs on advanced DSO. What is SAP BW advanced DSO?  In all current and previous versions of BW, transaction and summary data … Continue reading FAQ: Advanced DSOs

Optimize BW ABAP codes to HANA

From BW 7.4 on HANA, SAP provides options to push the ABAP logic to HANA, by rewriting the ABAP code using HANA script.  The purpose of the code push down is to leverage the in-memory capabilities of HANA to boost performance.   SAP terms it as HANA Optimization. In our recent BW migration project, we measure … Continue reading Optimize BW ABAP codes to HANA